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Your business needs customers. That’s no great mystery. But, acquiring the ones who will buy more than it cost to acquire them is the secret to success! At Xiingo we have the “Bright Ideas” to reduce those costs and make your CAC an asset and not a liability!

Services Overview

Information Technology

If your call center technology is lagging behind, contact us to become acquainted with the latest cutting edge technology in telephony!

Lead Generation

Internet leads are good, but call center leads have an added advantage, they have been contacted, verified and are ready to listen to what you have to offer!

Contact Center

Lead generation and the call center is only part of what Xiingo knows! If you are in need of assistance in setting up a call center as a contact for your organization, Xiingo can help!

Who We Are

Xiingo is engaged in a significant number of areas that stretch the boundaries of what many know as a traditional call center. As with everything that we do, providing the finest services backed by a commitment that includes outstanding customer assistance assures you that Xiingo does business the way it should be.

Xiingo can provide qualified paper leads, live, warm and blind transfer services through its call centers. Giving the customer the greatest number of options as to how incoming information or a call is handled. If you want to see what a 21st century call center can do, contact Xiingo and see!

Marketing solutions

lead markets

Auto Insurance

Special Finance


Home Insurance

Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Renters Insurance

Solar Installations and Home Improvement.