Customer Acquisition

Your business needs customers. That’s no great mystery. But, acquiring the ones who will buy more than it cost to acquire them is the secret to success! At Xiingo we have the “Bright Ideas” to reduce those costs and make your CAC an asset and not a liability!

Xiingo has resources and capabilities across a wide range of customer acquisition models. If what works best for you is:

Search Engine Marketing- Xiingo has more than 20 years of expertise that will target your website on search engine result pages.

Paid Advertisement- CPM or PPC? Though both can be effective, planning and management of these campaigns is crucial. Let the experts at Xiingo make your advertising dollars get you the best results.

Email Marketing- Whether your building relationships with current customers or pursuing new ones, effective email marketing that doesn’t get spammed can improve your ROI. Xiingo know how helps you avoid CAN-SPAM and other government violations.

Inbound Telemarketing- Xiingo is a 21st Century call center lead generator and we know inbound telemarketing. Whether it’s for customer service, order taking, troubleshooting or just being available to your customer when you’re closed or out of the office, with Xiingo you are there 24/7!

TCPA Compliant practices from your company start by contacting We know TCPA rules and regulations and we’ll make sure you comply with those standards in all your telemarketing campaigns.

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